sea of Glass reflections of God's Love

Seeking a Deeper Spiritual Life

by Peggy Medberry

your strength comes from faith

Your Strength Comes From Your Faith

There are times when I just don't have the strength to face whatever is in front of me. Maybe it's because I'm not feeling well. Maybe it's something I am afraid of. Like a worldwide pandemic. A financial crisis. Political upheaval. Or maybe it's a recurring family...

God on My Patio

  I slept in this morning And as I slowly shuffled  Out to my patio I was startled to discover God was already there. Drinking coffee Out of His ‘I Love New York’ Mug.   “Good Morning, Sir.” I said dropping my eyes. “Sorry I’m late.“ “There is no late,” He mused with...
Keep praying -- God is listening

Keep Praying – God is Listening

In the midst of a grey winter and the ongoing pandemic, things feel really sad.  One of my favorite feral cats is missing. She may yet turn back up, but it’s been more than a week. And of course, all the regular stuff to deal with. Family, finances, and just general...
God's plans for us

God’s Plans

God's plans are wonderful. Even when we don't know what is next in our life, He does. He knows everything about us. He knows what we need every moment of our lives. And He wants the very best for us. He wants to give us hope and a future. Our job is to listen. To seek...
Healing from Grief

From Grief to Life

So while I was sitting in prayer this morning, I started thinking about my daughter and how much I missed her. It’s been two years since she died.

Rejoice Every Day

This is the day the Lord has made, rejoice and be glad! It may seem like this is a difficult time for rejoicing. For the past month the whole world has been plunged into a pandemic. Unthinkable. People getting sick and dying. Everything is shutdown. People out of work...
Be anxious for nothing

Be Anxious for Nothing

It’s so easy to worry. At least for me. That funny noise in the car, a late notice, a doctor appointment. What if? What will happen? How will I deal with…? A million questions seem to flutter through my mind over the tiniest fears. 

What Do I Have to Offer?

In this time of pandemic and confusion, I often feel helpless. And as the days and months go by, I don't know what I can do other than wait. What do I have to offer in this chaotic world? Because of my age and health issues, I am basically trapped at home. So while...

The Future

Grandma?   Yes, honey.   Is it true that Alexa used to be A round cylinder?   Yes, baby. Without arms, even?   Yes, and no legs either.   Then how did she make the beds?   That’s what we did. And back in those days we Went to STORES. Why?   To buy food and stuff.  ...
remembering my aunt


I remember the box of pretties at my great aunt’s house. With shells and rocks and leftover ribbon. I remember the Maxwell House coffee can With the tiny bird that didn’t make it. I remember the red brick porch and the huge white columns. I remember her giant clock in...