How to face financial fears

How do we deal with financial fears? There are days when I look at the finances and I have to take a deep breath. As a family we have lived through job loss, stock market crashes, and now retirement! And each time God has shown up. Each problem became an opportunity.  A better job, a lovely new home, a chance to pursue lifelong dreams.  That is because God is a God of more than enough.

He knows what we need. When we turn our lives over to Him and trust Him – He can do amazing things that we never expected. But we have to trust Him. Even when things look shaky.

I am certainly not perfect when it comes to trusting God. But I have developed a few ways to get me through the hard days.

  1. Journaling – writing down my fears helps me present them to the Lord and it helps me to see in black and white what I am really thinking.  Usually, once I write them down – they don’t seem quite as scary.
  2. Prayer – Once I have written down what is concerning me, it is much easier to present it to the Lord in prayer. I can lay out my concerns. And I ask for His peace and for Him to perfect my faith
  3. Work on what I can and let the results be up to Him. Each day I can follow through on whatever I need to do concerning my issues but then once I have made the phone call or sent out the resume, I make a decision to not worry about it. I let God have it. He is in charge of the results.

He is a God of More than Enough

I remind myself daily that God is not stingy. He wants to give us good gifts. He wants us to have abundance and peace. He is not the God of “Barely Getting by”. He is the God of more than enough. As you release your fears to Him, He will return to you more than you could ever imagine.  He is waiting to bless you.

My God is a God of more than enough