Abide in Christ!

A simple guide to learn how to abide in Christ

We are told that we are to abide. What does that mean? The dictionary definition is to “accept or act in accordance with” someone. So to abide in Christ means we need to accept who He is and act in accordance with Him. In order to do that we could do the following:

Ask for Guidance

We seek His guidance in everything we do. The big things and the small things.


We believe He will hear our prayers and give us that guidance.


Invest more time in reading His word. Invest more time in prayer and contemplation, getting to know His goodness and grace.


Direct our attention back to Him whenever we are feeling anxious or confused.


Enjoy His presence in the beauty around us. In nature and our friends and families. Look for all that He has given us each day and feel the joy of knowing He loves us.

Of course these are just a few ways that we can abide with the Lord. But when we take our focus off of those things that are scaring us or frustrating us and put it back on Him, we will find peace. He loves us and is waiting for us to come and abide with Him.