… was referred to in Revelation 4:6 where John wrote about seeing a mirror-like ocean in front of the Throne of God.

Let's Go Wading...

Come discover a deeper relationship with Christ. Take off your shoes. Relax and regroup. Take a break from the busyness of your day and spend some time experiencing God’s lavish love.

This is the place to do it. 

Let the image of a perfect stillness that reflects God’s glory quiet your heart. It is this place that we can retreat to daily in prayer. 

This blog is about cultivating a deeper spiritual relationship.  It includes quotes, bible verses, spiritual direction, and inspirational articles to help you draw closer, to discover who God is and find how His love can bring you meaning and purpose.  

May your time spent here be a tiny bit like sitting by a cool, still lake. A little mini vacation from the noise of life. A place to regroup and reconnect to the One who loves you the most. 


A Little About Me…

I’m a  former Hollywood agent turned Film Professor at Biola University.  When I came to the Lord about 20 years ago my life was changed dramatically. Everything became illuminated by the love of Christ.

I have since retired from teaching but I continue to work as a producer for Amaris Media Productions and I devote the rest of my time to writing about God and His amazing love for us. I live with my wonderful husband, daughter, granddaughter and multiple furry friends in Southern California. 

My goal is to help others not only discover God’s love but be encouraged in their search for a deeper spiritual experience of Christ. When we surrender to His grace and lavish love, everything else changes for the better. When we put God first, we discover purpose and meaning in every area of our lives. And as we begin to reflect His love to others, they begin to shine it back and the world becomes brighter!

Thank you for joining me on this journey of faith. I hope you are blessed by what you read and I hope you will share your experiences with me! Blessings to you all!

Peggy Patrick Medberry

Here is a video from one of my talks about the love of God presented at Biola University.