don't look at the storm look at Jesus

When a storm is raging in your life, unpaid bills, illness, fears, doubts, and uncertainties, it is hard not to be afraid. What to do? Do what Jesus said to do – look at Him. Focus on Jesus. How? In prayer, asks Him to take your fears and give you peace instead. Imagine Him calming the storm. He can do it. He will do it. But you might have to ask more than once. Not because He isn’t listening, but because you aren’t listening. Ask. Then wait for Him to surround you with peace.

Breathe it in. Believe that He will show you a way through the storm. I find it helps to set a timer and tell myself I am NOT going to worry about a particular problem for 10 minutes. I let Jesus have it. Very often by the time I hear the timer beep, I have relaxed enough to gain perspective on my issue.  During that ten minute period, I quietly think about Jesus calming the storm. I ask Him to calm my storm.

Fear is living in the future.

On bad days I may need to do this a few times. I find it helps to write it down in my journal. I write out what is scaring me and then turn it over to Him. Looking at my fears on a page can bring them down to size. In my head they are big. In black and white, they are merely thoughts that I can change. Just because I might think of something, doesn’t mean it will happen or even might happen. When we live in our head, we are actually living in the future, which is a figment of our imagination. I don’t have to be afraid of something that doesn’t exist and may never come into being.

Jesus is in our present moment. He is our reality. Put your faith in Him.  Look at Him instead of the storm. Be at peace. He has overcome the world.