God never changes

With everything that is going on in the world today – there is one thing that I can take comfort in — God never changes. Politics can change, my finances can change. My body changes as I grow older. But God never changes.

Yes, but God is mysterious and we don’t know what He is going to do at any given moment, you might say. That is true. We don’t know. But I do know this. God is good. All the time. He is good. We as human beings might not be good all the time and sometimes we are dreadful. But God is always good. And it takes our faith in Him – for us to discover that goodness.

Every day brings gifts of some kind. The smile of a child. The beauty of a flower. Love from a friend. And yes, we may have to look a little harder on some days for those gifts but they are there. When we take time to be grateful for what we do have, it really helps us cope with what we may be waiting for. We turn our eyes away from the storm back to Him. The bringer of gifts.

What are your gifts that you are thankful for today? Mine are my family, my home, the delicious dinner we just finished. I have a comfortable bed to sleep in tonight and hope for tomorrow.  And my greatest blessing is God. He is here now with me and will be here with me in the morning when I awake. He is always with me. God never changes.