I slept in this morning 
 And as I slowly shuffled
  Out to my patio
 I was startled to discover
 God was already there. 
 Drinking coffee 
 Out of His ‘I Love New York’ Mug.
 “Good Morning, Sir.”
 I said dropping my eyes.
 “Sorry I’m late.“
 “There is no late,” He mused with 
 A kind smile, swallowing a mouthful
 Of the dark steaming liquid. 
 “There is only now.”
 “I always thought you’d be a tea drinker…”
 I said after a long pause.
 “Why?” His deep eyes sparkled.
 “More refined? I guess.”
 “How little you know about me,”
 He chuckled. 
 I nodded as I studied His gentle face. 
 He looked exactly as I had always
 Tan, angular. 
 Eyes a deep golden brown
 That reflected nebulas and 
 “I love you.” I blurted out,
 Embarrassed at being so forward.
 His eyes glowed with emotion.
 “And I, you.”
 A breeze brushed His hair against His brow.
 An eagle circled high against an azure sky.
 A yellow dandelion beckoned a bee. 
 Rose bushes danced delightfully.
 Like an accordion
 Time unfolded for centuries.
 “Now, what?” My question hung in the silence.
 “Now – everything.” He replied
 And He took one more sip of coffee
 Before vanishing in the morning sun.