God Love you

Valentine’s Day – a day fraught with meaning. A day that can either delight or disappoint. A day about love or the lack there of. I remember Valentine’s day in fourth grade. We had to create these boxes to hold all the valentines that we were to give each other. Those little squirrelly valentines that say “You’re Neat!” Or, “My pal!” And they always had little kittens or cartoon trucks or Mickey Mouse on them. So, in fourth grade there was a Valentine box contest. My mother spent all night creating mine. Beautiful, tiers of crunchy pink shades of crepe paper ruffled to look like rose petals. I helped her. I was the crepe paper ruffler. Truly exquisite.

However, the winner was Sharon, the most popular girl, and cutest. Long blonde hair perfectly combed in a flip. Sharon’s box was covered in white satin billows that floated in creamy swirls around a Barbi in silver and pink sequins. Nestled on the doll’s perfectly Barbi-flipped hair was a crown. We all knew Sharon hadn’t made her box. Her mother did. (Of course so did mine, but I helped.) It was an early Valentine’s day disappointment.

Many more Valentine Days ensued. In high school, everyone could send carnations to their valentine. Some perky pep club girl in plaid would pop into homeroom and deliver flowers to those lucky few that were popular enough to get the long-stemmed beauties. I think one year I actually got one – from my mother.

My favorite Valentine is God.

Now many years later, I enjoy the delight of flowers from my husband and cards from my daughters. I no longer feel sad if the day isn’t perfect or worry if I am loved. Because my favorite valentine is God. Because His Love is that real to me. Because His love never changes. His love isn’t based on having the best crepe paper ruffles or the most carnations. He loves me despite my many flaws and inadequacies. He is always available. He yearns to comfort me and lavish His love on me.

That’s a pretty great Valentine! If your Valentine’s day is looking a little bleak or perhaps lonely, or even if it isn’t, take some time to seek Him in prayer. Make a lovely dinner and invite Him to enjoy it with you. Buy yourself flowers and inhale their heavenly scent knowing, He is the one who invented flowers. Wrap yourself in a warm knitted throw and feel His arms around you. Smile knowing His heavenly love is eternal.

God does want you for His Valentine. Today and every day.

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