Got Miracles?Got Miracles?  How about a book full of them?

When God Happens which is coming out in a week,  is a collection of modern day miracle stories told by people from every walk of life. The book is brought to you by Regnery Faith in association with Amaris Media and Wordserve Literary. Edited by award-winning writers Angela Hunt and Bill Myers, the book fairly sizzles with excitement.

I was blessed to have my story, “Pursued by God” included in the anthology, which is about how God kept interceding in my life in dramatic and unusual ways until I finally accepted His love. You can read a bit about my story here.  Other stories are about miraculous rescues, healings and supernatural events that happened to everyday ordinary people. Once you start reading this book, you won’t be able to put it down!

Who doesn’t need a miracle?

When I started reading the different chapters, I was amazed at how marvelously God revealed Himself to every one of the writers. The encounters are thrilling, frightening, encouraging and moving. All of them. And they are all true stories.

Reading When God Happens helped me see how powerfully God can move in people’s lives. Knowing that He has shown up for others, helps me to have faith that He will show up for me. Again and again. For those of you who need encouragement during this season of your life, this book will do that. It helps to know that other people have experienced miracles that profoundly affected their lives. My faith is strengthened when I read about the faith of others.

When God Happens is available now!  You can order it below!  A wonderful book to read or give to someone who needs a miracle in their life!