When God Happens Available June 4th

School is out and it’s time to catch up with some summertime reading! I have the perfect book for you – When God Happens.

I had the great privilege of having my story included in this wonderful book.  At the time I wrote my story “Pursued by God”, I had no idea what the other chapters were like. But when I got my early copy of the book I was stunned by the amazing and powerful stories my fellow writers shared.

Stunning tales of miraculous rescues and healings. Stories about God showing up and saving lives at the last minute. Every story has a unique experience to share. Every story will convict the reader in powerful ways. My piece is about how God in dramatic ways interceded in my life to draw me into a  close relationship with Him.

Perfect Summertime Reading

Summertime is right around the corner. It is the perfect time to grab a good book and head for the beach or even the backyard. Pour yourself a glass of ice tea and disappear into a world where God is alive and well. It will remind you that He is here and active in your life today and every day.

I think our world is in need of miracles right now. There is so much anger and strife. When God Happens is the perfect antidote to shouting news anchors and gut-wrenching headlines.

God is with us. He knows our pain. He knows our fear and loneliness and He wants to draw us into a warm embrace where we can know that He is in control. Our lives are changed forever when we encounter the Lord in powerful ways. Reading is one of the best ways I know to discover how God has worked in the lives of others.

Be encouraged! Let When God Happens be the first summertime read on your list!