From mourning to dancing

When we turn our doubts and fears and sadness over to God we give Him the opportunity to show us how He will turn the situation around. He can turn our mourning into gladness.

Years ago we wanted to buy a certain house and the sale was contingent on selling our current house. We had a buyer and everything was set when at the last minute our buyer fell out. And we lost the other house we wanted.  It had seemed like such a perfect house and the situation seemed unfair. I couldn’t understand why God would let that happen. Then a month later we got another buyer for our house. But this time when we went back to look for a new house, a bigger house, one that was much better and had been too expensive for us to consider was suddenly on the market. Only now it was reduced to a price we could afford.  It was like God knew the house we REALLY wanted and arranged for us to have it.

This kind of thing has happened time and again in my life.

God has turned my mourning into gladness.