We are new creations in Christ

 I am a new creation!  What an amazing thought for the day. Once we turn our lives over to Christ – we become new again.  He takes everything, all our old stuff. Our burdens, guilt, dark thoughts, stupid choices and forgives them. And then He wipes the slate clean with Grace and Mercy.  It. Is. Finished. He took it all on Himself on the cross, so that we could be new creations, holy and undefiled. So that we could be in a relationship with Him. Since He is holy, He can’t be around that which isn’t holy – so He removed our sins by dying with them.  He loves us that much. He wants us that much. It is such an amazing truth. And He does this for us every time we come sincerely before Him asking for forgiveness.

Today is a new day!

How is it possible to be new again, when I am so old?  My mind is re-energized. I no longer have to carry around the old thoughts and habits that have plagued me. I can remind myself, I am a new creation.  And this is what I am like now. Beloved of God. What happened in the past is over. Today is a new day. A new chance to be forgiving and loving. Every day is another opportunity to start again and this time with the help of Jesus.
Let Him make you new again. He is waiting to shower you with His amazing Love.