There are days, too many to count when I feel like I can’t do one more thing. I need to rest. Often those days follow one of my many sleepless nights. I have chronic sciatica, back, and leg pain. I try to trick it with ice and painkillers. I read to distract myself. But sometimes I just stay awake. And so I do — until three or four in the morning. Then I am up at seven or eight and there are things to do. People to deal with. Calls to make. Chores. Errands. I am feeling tired just writing this. So I have to find my rest in God.

What does that mean, anyway? It’s not just some glib bandaid phrase. This is what I actually do to cope. I find my rest in God.

And this is how I do it. I start my day, no matter how busy by spending time in prayer. Sometimes the best I can do is 15 minutes. But most days I manage an hour or more. I get my coffee and go outside into my usually peaceful yard and I pray. I commune. I seek Him. And I wait for Him to come.

I give Him my worries.

I start my prayer time with relinquishing all my stuff. All the things that are bothering me. I let it all go. I tell Him about my leg, the unpaid bill, the cat that needs to go to the vet. I give Him my worries. I imagine handing them one at a time to Him and then I imagine Him putting them all safely away in a box that He keeps.   I ask His forgiveness for not trusting Him with it all earlier

Next I thank Him and praise Him for what I do have. My home, my family, my work, my friends, my health. I thank Him for food on the table and fuzzy kitties and bright yellow flowers that greet me each morning. I thank Him for fresh air and hummingbirds and a car that is running.

And finally I sit back and breathe and wait. I think sometimes we get so busy chattering about everything we need that we don’t bother to see what He might say. So, as I wait in the stillness I allow His peace to flow in. I have given Him my worries. If another worry pops up — it goes into the box.

I have found that during this waiting time wonderful thoughts float up. Thoughts of love, and comfort. Memories of God’s goodness. Sometimes a piece of scripture will occur to me. A sentence, a word may quietly form in my mind. Peace. Be still. Be anxious for nothing. My breathing slows. My heart is calm. I see the path through my day. I am resting in God

God brings me to this state of calm. He reminds me that He is in control and that I can rest and give Him these burdens.

Nothing is insurmountable.

When I have finished my time in the garden I come back in the house. Yes, there are still dishes to be done and bills to be paid. But I know that nothing is insurmountable. There will be time enough to take care of my to-do list. I know that I am loved and cared for and that He will guide me through my upcoming day.

I also know that anytime life is too much for me, I can retreat back to this place. I can take a mini-break and seek Him again. Give Him my worries and receive His peace. He is always available. Always waiting for me.

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