In the stillness, I will wait for you. These words calm me down. The world is so noisy and busy and crazy. So many things, people, ideas, situations beg me to look at them. Pay attention! Look at this! Buy that! Watch out! There are dozens, hundreds of books and articles, and blogs and emails to be read. People who need attention, pets that need to be fed. A house that needs cleaning. The mountain is insurmountable.

Stillness. Breathe. I withdraw into that place where only God and I can talk. I have a garden I retreat to. The inside of my car works well, too. We need to find quiet moments in our lives to sort through the stuff of life. But more importantly, we need the quiet moments so that we can hear God.

Practice being still.

In 1Kings 19:12 we read that after the earthquake and the fire, God spoke to Elijah in a still small voice. That deep quiet inner voice that nudges us toward love and peace. We can’t hear that gentle whisper if we are busy shouting out orders to the world, or chattering on about our fears and concerns. We retreat. Into the Stillness. And wait. Try it. Practice being still. Let your spinning thoughts drift away and listen for a few minutes to a bird sing, or to rain pattering on your roof.

Remind yourself that you are ok. You are right where you should be for the moment, and God is here with you. Let His peace fill you.

Remember that you can come back to this place as often as you need to. He will be here for you.