In the midst of a grey winter and the ongoing pandemic, things feel really sad.  One of my favorite feral cats is missing. She may yet turn back up, but it’s been more than a week. And of course, all the regular stuff to deal with. Family, finances, and just general worries about the world. There doesn’t seem to be an end in sight – at least for a few more months. We have been soldiering through this weird season of life of no movies, shopping, swimming at the YMCA. No traveling or seeing friends except on Zoom. Honestly, I am ready for this disaster to end. And it will. Eventually. Just not today. So what is left to do? Prayer.

            Since I am a praying person, spending time with God is something I enjoy doing.  But it would be nice to see an answer to all these prayers.  I am reminded of Abraham and Sarah praying for a child for all those years. Joseph stuck in a prison, praying for years to be released.  The apostles in the upper room praying and waiting in grief after Jesus was crucified.  All of these people and hundreds more in the pages of the Bible prayed continually.  Hoping God would hear them. 

He did hear them, and He answered them all. Not always the way they wanted and not always immediately. But God was always listening. And He is listening now. If there is one take away from all of these stories, it is that it is important to keep praying.  Yes, it may take longer than we would like. Yes, He may answer in a way that may be painful.  But He knows what we want and what we need, and He hasn’t abandoned us.

So, in the middle of whatever is going on in your life, take a few minutes and offer up your burdens to God.  Believe that He is listening because He is. Focus on what you can do in this time of suffering.  Help someone else.  Call someone who is lonely. Be reminded that we are all going through this mess together. Find the beauty in each day.  A flower, a sunset, a perky canine. A purring kitty, lovely music.  Soon we will all be back together, stronger than we were before.