Watch the miracles happen

Miracles happen. Truthfully, the fact that we are alive is a miracle.  No matter how hard I try I can’t make a tree grow. I can plant a seed. I can water it. But the rest is up to God. And that is true about everything we do. Every part of our life is in God’s hands. We only imagine we have some kind of control over it.

We can provide an environment where things can happen. We can do the legwork. Take the classes, fill out the paperwork. But ultimately the results are up to God. We don’t always get the promotion or solve the problem. Health issues can still trouble us. Life just simply doesn’t always happen in the way we would like.

So what to do? We have to get out of the way and let God do His work. But we were helping – weren’t we? With all the worrying and hand-wringing and second-guessing.  I don’t know why it works this way, but for some reason when I let go and let God be in control everything changes. Or maybe it’s me that changes.

The specter of worry stops hovering over my every thought. I go on about my business, trusting that God will work this out. I pray for His will to be done and let it go. I focus on the rest of my life – the things I need to attend to and stop trying to wrestle my problem into submission. I do everything I can and then STEP AWAY.

It’s the stepping away part that is the hardest, but the most important. Do we trust God or not? The answer for me is that I have to trust Him. Because I have nowhere else to turn.  I take a deep breath. I pray and give God my issue and then I get out of the way.

And that is when the miracles happen. When my mind is at peace, I suddenly see a solution. When I’m not desperate the job interview goes better. When I am less stressed my health improves. And in the middle of it all, God in His timing answers prayer.

Miracles happen. But first, you might need to get out of the way.