As the holidays fast approach perhaps we could consider these words: Peace on earth, good will toward men.  Our political landscape has fractured into a thousand pieces. There is tension and anger and finger-pointing.  Accusations are hurled. Vengeance is promised. Whew. My prayer is that we all take a collective breath. That we stop and try to find peace. Anger and rage only beget more anger and rage. Perhaps we can take a step back and try to remember that we aren’t alone on the planet. Other people have viewpoints, hurts, fears. Just like we do.  They may see the world from a different perspective than we do. I am not suggesting we don’t stand up for what is right and just. But I am suggesting that we also look for the grace and mercy we would want someone to extend to us.

Maybe it’s time to turn off the noise and instead listen to God. Listen to the sound of peace. We are told to love even our enemies. That’s a tall order and no, we can’t always do it perfectly. But we can at least try.  We can try to speak peace when a conversation gets tense. We can try to act lovingly even in the face of unloving behavior. We can look for those things that we can agree on and stop focusing on that which separates us.

And we can pray for Peace. Peace on earth and goodwill toward men.