Jesus I want to reflect you

I love looking at the water. In fact, I just got back from a two-day getaway at the ocean. I spent hours gazing out at the beautiful water. I love the way the sunlight reflects off of the waves. Dancing like a million diamonds across the horizon. I swim several times a week and I am often mesmerized by the way the water undulates and ripples reflecting everything above it.

It’s interesting about reflections. When the water is calm, what it reflects is a clearer, truer view. That is true of our relationship with the Lord as well. When we quiet ourselves to seek Him, we get a much clearer connection to who He is. And when we enter into His peace, we begin to reflect back that same peace to the world. The more we enter in – the clearer we reflect Jesus.

Take time to be still today. Let the truth of His Goodness and Kindness and Love shine into your spirit. And when you come away from your time with Him, may you reflect the beauty of Jesus to everyone you meet. Imagine what the world would look like if we all took the time to be His reflection. We would look like a million diamonds shining across the horizon.