I will seek him who my soul loves

It’s been proven that human beings can’t live without love. Orphaned children will fail to thrive if they are not held and spoken to gently. Tiny preemies need to hear their mother’s voice and know she is near them. We need love. And the older we get, we discover we need a love that transcends even the love of our family or spouse. We yearn for something deeper. Something intangible. We seek love that touches us in a way nothing else can. That love is God’s love.

Seeking Love is Seeking God

It’s not just invisible wishful thinking. We know deep down there is something greater than us. And I believe that is our soul seeking God. Some of us experience that rush of sensation when we step out in nature. I have found it in a masterfully painted sunset in liquid gold and pink reflected in a still blue lake. And in the fiery oranges and yellows of the Grand Canyon exploding to life in a sunrise that causes nature to stand still in awe. I see beauty in a tiny white butterfly alighting soundlessly on a lilac blossom. It reminds me of something I used to know before the beginning of time. I ache to know it again.

Love. The Big Capital L Love. The pounding in the chest, lump in the throat, deep sigh kind of Love comes from a deeper place. And yes, we feel it when we are with families and friends and spouses, too. But the big swirling, wave crashing love that we find on a quiet summer afternoon listening to a bird trill, is something different. I want that. That deep moment captured forever.

I have found that love in my worship time with God in my stolen moments in cool mornings in my backyard before the rest of the family is stirring. I find it while reading the Psalms. I find it listening to exquisite music. These moments are when I seek love from the perfect God who yearns for a relationship with me.

This love is available to everyone.

But you have to take the time to seek it out. You may stumble upon it occasionally when the fragrance of jasmine wraps around you, or you see the first star in the evening. But when the moment comes you need to seize it and be reminded that God is behind the lovely gift. He is blessing you. He is talking to you.

If you haven’t found this Love yet, I hope you will take time today to look for it. Seek God’s love and all other love will be given to you.