stop living in the future

I find myself thinking about everything that I need to do. And then that drifts into what I haven’t done and suddenly fear about the future has wrapped around me. And it feels so real. What if? The car breaks down, the money runs out, someone gets sick, and on it goes. It’s called living in the future.

The trouble is — the future doesn’t really exist. It’s all in my head. My imagination. I can also feel miserable about the past too. What I should have done. Why did I eat all that chocolate? Why haven’t I dealt with the noise in the car? But the past doesn’t exist either. It has already happened. It’s too late to be sorry about it.

The only thing that is real in life is RIGHT NOW. This moment. Where are you? What are you doing now? If you are dwelling in the past or future then you are not living in the present moment. You know, that moment when you should be enjoying your grandchild. Or talking to your husband. Or watching a beautiful sunset. THAT moment.

We have only a limited number of moments in our lifetime. Don’t waste them on imaginary fears or remorseful thoughts. Spend those moments lavishly being alive and receiving all that God has for you. Do it! Right now!

Ready, set, Enjoy!