robot and child robot

 Yes, honey.
 Is it true that Alexa used to be
 A round cylinder?
 Yes, baby.
 Without arms, even?
 Yes, and no legs either.
 Then how did she make the beds?
 That’s what we did.
 And back in those days we 
 Went to STORES. 
 To buy food and stuff.
 That’s just silly. 
 Why didn’t you order it
 On your watch?
 That was before the drones.
 And Iphones.
 Before Iphones?
 How did the world survive?
 I don’t know, sweetheart.
 We had to think things
 Up ourselves.
 It was a long time ago
 But we cut up carrots
 And walked the dog
 And did math in our heads.
 That sounds crazy.
 It was. 
 But it was wonderful too.
 We went outside.
 Swam in pools.
 Drove cars. 
 Talked to each other. 
 You mean in person?
 Yes, my pretty girl.
 Without screens, 
 We were able to hug each other.
 And I could kiss you goodnight.
 On the moon?
 No, on the earth.
 Back before it all 
 Dried up.
 And the fires came.
 Yes, honey.
 What does a hug feel like?
 Like a warm sweater
 And chocolate chip cookies.
 I will give you one
 The next time I see you.
 In person?
 Yes, my love.