the last Supper

I love this picture of the Last Supper.  I took the photo the last day that St. David’s Church occupied their address in North Hollywood. Tragically, the building was later sold and the windows removed. When my husband and I drove past the church and saw that the breath-taking windows were gone, we pulled over and wept. It was like a piece of us had been torn away.  The church losing their building in a heart-wrenching lawsuit a few years ago was a sad day. But a building is brick and mortar. A building is not the church. The church is the people who live and love and worship together.
St. David’s has continued to thrive in a different building, thanks to the leadership of Father Jose and the commitment of the amazing families and supporters of the church, and thanks to God who has held this group in His Hands every step of the way.
Although I now live in a different community which makes it hard to get back there to worship, my heart still is firmly there with my wonderful church family of St. David’s.
The love of Christ and His tremendous sacrifice for us is what gives us all the ability to thrive. It is sad when we lose things that we love. But His love can never be lost or taken away.  The amazing work and struggle of St. David’s always reminds me that Easter always follows Good Friday.