What I learned from my pets
Some people are cat people and some are dog people.  I’m mostly a cat person. The only thing keeping me from becoming an old cat lady is… my family.  As it is, I have 5 cats and 1 dog.  Which is a lot for some people.  But my friend had 23 cats, which was, frankly, too many.  You can learn a lot from a cat. Great wisdom in fact.  Here are the top three lessons that come to mind.
  1. Ask for what you want—Be persistent.  My cats do this and it works. My orange tabby insists on sleeping in my room. He will sneak in anytime he can. And if the door is closed he will yowl loudly for hours until I open it.  Yes, sending him to a no-kill shelter is always a choice. But I love him and he is after all warm and cuddly.
  2. Don’t worry about what others think.  Cats are completely independent thinkers. They do what they want, whenever they want to. They will sleep in the sink, eat the dog’s food, climb the drapes, throw up on your key board and not care at all if you are bothered with this. My dog will show guilt. Not the cat.  They are completely secure in how they appear to others.
  3. Relax! Is there anything more relaxed than a cat? My cats do on very rare occasions suddenly for no reason panic and run hysterically around the house. But that lasts for less than a minute. The rest of the time they are stretched out in the sun or curled up by the fireplace.  And they want you to relax with them.
  4. Love Unconditionally – This last lesson is from the dog.  While my cats do seem to love me.  My dog is the only person in my family that is absolutely THRILLED when I come home. No one else jumps and runs and is hysterically excited to seem me like he is. I believe the cats think his wild displays of affection are a bit over the top.  But who doesn’t want someone to be excited they exist? No matter how hard my day, or how tired I am, his excitement in infectious. I have to admit – if you want unconditional love – a dog will provide it
The truth is, my pets return my love for them in their own unique ways.  My days are much richer and happier because of my little kit-and-caboodle.  All my pets are rescues and if you want to add a little extra happiness in your life, I would suggest you adopt a little furry friend.  Yes, they require some attention but what they give back is worth so much more.  Check your local listings for animal shelters and bring home a new friend!