In this time of pandemic and confusion, I often feel helpless. And as the days and months go by, I don’t know what I can do other than wait. What do I have to offer in this chaotic world? Because of my age and health issues, I am basically trapped at home.

So while praying about this I was reminded of how Jesus fed the 5000 in Matthew 14. In the story, after Jesus had been preaching all day, the disciples come and tell Him to send everyone home because it is late and people need to be fed.  But instead of sending the crowd away, Jesus tells the disciples to feed the people. The disciples protest loudly saying they couldn’t possibly feed everyone if they had a whole year’s salary to use. So Jesus says to them. “What do you have?” I imagine the disciples rolled their eyes and then grumpily dug through their provisions before coming back with a few loaves of stale bread and some fish.  Jesus takes their meager offering, blesses it and suddenly thousands of people have a feast, and there are leftovers too. 

Jesus tells us to bring what we have to Him and He will take care of it.

So what do I have to offer? What can I do to be of help?  What do I have in the way of talents, gifts, connections, ideas, and money that could be a blessing to someone else?

What do I have?  It’s an interesting question. Businesses do inventories at least yearly. Now would be a good time for a personal inventory. Who do I know?  What have I already created in terms of a network or structure for doing what God wants me to do?  After talking with some friends I realized I have a lot more than 5 loaves and 3 fish. I can write. I can make phone calls to friends and family. I can send emails. I can contribute food to a pantry. I can encourage others, and I can pray

What do you have to offer? How can you serve God and the Kingdom? Ask Him to show you.

In the story, the disciples started out by telling Jesus the people were hungry and they needed to be sent home.  Jesus suggested something better. He showed them that they could take what they already had and with – this is the important part – His blessing – they could feed 5000 people. 

Spend some time with the Lord and see if there is a project God wants you to do, and then in prayer bring to Him what you have and see what He does. Maybe all you have to offer at this moment is prayer. The world really needs all our prayers right now. But perhaps you could also offer an email, a phone call, or a smile. Even that small offering when blessed by Christ will expand in ways you might never expect.