Where does the time go?

Where does the time go?
Where does it run to?
How can so many days
And hours and seconds
And years speed by
When suddenly old happens.
What is old anyway?
It’s more than wrinkles
And grey hair.
It’s more than arthritis
And hip replacements.
It’s remembering black and white
And cars the size of tanks.
It’s faded photos
That weren’t taken on a phone.
It’s laughing at the computer voice
On Star Trek
Because we now have our own
Alexa and Siri who tell us the weather
And how to spell pneumonia.
Old crept up or rather
Raced up
And settled in my hip.
And my eyes and ears.

It crept up on other people too.
Rock stars now look like grandpas.
Actresses look like their skin shrank
And their lips popped.
Once boyish politicians have jowls
And bald spots.
And the youth of the world
The perennially fresh-faced crowd
With new ideas which are really
Old ideas in a slicker package.
Do they know how fast it
All goes?
I was told.
I was warned.
But I paid no attention.
Why worry about some
Future when right now
Is so easy.
So breezy.
Life is so lush and full
And stretches ahead.
Plenty of time
To be successful.
Fall in love.
Write the novel.
Change the world
Until the time goes.
Until it disappears
A breathless moment
That grows, blooms
And fades.
Where does the time go?
The moments shimmer away
Leaving but memories,
Phantom images and
Dreamlike thoughts
Of long ago.